Jase Finlay M1
Jase Finlay M2Jase Finlay M3Jase Finlay M1


Joining the team in 2015, Jase is a natural talent on any wave riding craft. We’ve refined his template for the season, narrowing the width a fraction to increase speed and drive for peak performance. His signature curve has also undergone some minor refinements to compliment his style and focus on heavy waves and ramps.

Available in both Kinetic™ and NRG+ core options his model is suitable in all climates. Carbon Fibre Stringer Systems and ISS – Interchangable Stringer System™ technology all for maximum recoil and projection.

Signature colourways in the: M1, M2, and M3 compositions.


Kinetic™ PP Core
Nose Bulbs
Graduated Channels
Contour Deck System
CFS Stringer System
ISS – Interchangable Stringer System™ ( JF M3 only )

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