This Summer, we’ve added Tahurai’s M3 ISS model to our Australian product list. And it certainly won’t stay on shelves for long. We’ve kept the same template that he has been testing and riding all throughout the Winter at his tropical home Paradise in Tahiti.

Developed specifically for drive and control in heavy waves, this template encompasses everything Tahurai wants in drawing clean lines and maneuverability for slight adjustments in rail transition.

If it works, don’t change it, especially for what this bad boy is designed to do!

Available in Kinetic™ core his model is suitable in all water climates. Carbon Fibre ISS – Interchangable Stringer System™ technology all for maximum recoil and projection.

Available in: 41″ and 42″


Kinetic™ PP Core
Nose Bulbs
Graduated Channels
Contour Deck System
CFS Stringer System
ISS – Interchangable Stringer System™ ( TH M3 only )

Click here for more information on this board´s Technology & Features.