JG Boards M2

M2 | 41.5"

AGE: 30

HOME TOWN: Australia

FAV BREAK: The Right

Every once in a while someone comes along with goals and aspirations to be the best in the World. Not many though choose their field will be the heaviest water to break on shelves and coastlines around the globe. Damien Martin is arguably the most dangerous man in the world of Big Wave Bodyboarding, actually, we know he is. And he is only just warming up. 

Hailing from Australia’s East Coast, Damien has chased some of the biggest swells to hit some of the country’s famed coastline. Isolated, freezing cold and no medical assistance anywhere in sight. This is where you see the mad man come into his own, an element not many are comfortable in. The past 5 years Damien has dedicated his life to pursuing swells of consequence, those ones that pop up on the charts in the dark red to purple zones. Now, we will be developing specialised tow boards that will further assist him in his conquests. How far can he go? Let’s wait and see.

Photo credits: 

Tahiti: Luke Shadbolt

The Right: Chris Gurney // The Right framie (Hammer Fist): James Strickland

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