M1 | 41"

AGE: 30

HOME TOWN: Anzio, Italy

FAV BREAK: El Frontón

Do you doubt that there are good waves in Italy? No more, the Mediterranean does wonders there!! Get to know our athlete Genesio, 7x Italian Champion. His technical approach makes his surfing seemingly effortless, and is just one of the many reasons he’s regarded as the most respect rider of Italy.

He started at 6 on its local beach but it was at 8 in Tenerife that it caught a brave scare. From there he gained respect and also a passion for wave sports. Today it has its own school in Anzio and constantly makes bb/surf camp in the most varied places, the last ones were in the Island of Sardinia and in Portugal. He is Italian multi-champion (7x), athlete of the Italian National Team and Vice European Champion.

Photo credits: 

Land shot: Giuseppe Lupinacci

Surfing: Silvia Cabella

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