Jase Finlay Night Duty
Jase Finlay M1

JF M3 | 41.5"

AGE: 29

HOME TOWN: Bawley Point

FAV BREAK: Nuggan / Fronton

The exception to the rule, Jase Finlay only knows one way of surfing and his approach to waveriding makes him the envy of the elite across the globe.

South Coast is the set for one of Australia’s most respected waterman, established in all forms of surfing, Jase delivers whether he’s free-surf or contest surfing. Focussed on producing the best clips season after season or dominating selected tour events, Jase continues to blow minds with speed, style and control in all conditions. A standout for innovation mixed with smooth lines, give this man a wrapping air-bowl and put your feet up ladies and gentlemen, it’s show time.

Oh, and he’s most likely the nicest person you’ll ever meet, we’re pretty sure of that.

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ALL PHOTOS: Steve Wall

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