Jase Finlay M1

M1 JF | 40,5"

AGE: 34

HOME TOWN: Machico, Madeira, Portugal

FAV BREAK: Paúl do Mar

Born at “Atlantic Pearl”, a paradise named Madeira, Nuno Sousa is a legend and probably the best bodyboarder ever at the island…

Natural of Machico, east side, Nuno begun his journey at 26 years ago when he was just 8 years old. Actually is the Regional Champion with 4 wins in 4 stages. Madeira is also the born place of Cristiano Ronaldo, so talent is something that does not fail on the island. We invite you to visit this marvel and get to know its people, its mountains, the Laurissilva forest and its waves in warm water. Enjoy and taste the Poncha, the fruits and the rest exclusive gastronomy of the Island! Nuno is waiting for you, respect the locals and you will probably have the best vacation of your life!

Photo credits: Murphy, Cristovão Vieira and Fabíola Ferreira

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